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Natural Remedies & Solutions for Bedwetting

Bedwetting in children and teens are one of the major concern and source of embarrassment.  There are many types of bedwetting treatments ranging from behavioral to natural remedies treatments. Although these remedies typically have unknown results, some could very well help stop bedwetting in children and teens. Home remedies such as these may work for some more then others. Below is a list of natural remedies & solutions commonly known as kitchen essentials that may help stop bedwetting in children ages between 5 to 12 and teens.

  • Cinnamon helps strengthen the bladder to reduce accidents at night.
  • Indian Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C that gives your child strength to retain their urine at night.
  • Olive Oil can be used to massage the lower abdomen before bed. Olive oil keeps the bladder under control.
  • Cranberry juice can strengthen blood flow and give the bladder support.
  • Walnuts have bladder-controlling properties that could help your child with their bed wetting problem.
  • Herbal tea has natural properties that can keep the bladder clean. In some cases, bedwetting is due to infections, so herbal tea can help keep the bladder clean and have normal urine flow.
  • Raisins are tasty snack and can help reduce frequency of bedwetting.
  • Honey is great to curb bedwetting accidents and it does not irritate the bladder during the nighttime.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps regulates acid levels, therefore, it can help reduce the urge to urinate frequently.
  • Jaggery or cane juice has the ability to cleanse your body and keep your body warm, so your child doesn’t wet the bed.
  • Mustard and its seeds stirred in warm cup of milk given to your child an hour before bedtime are really beneficial in treating bedwetting.
  • Banana eating 1-2 banana a day can help your child stop bedwetting.

Positive Attitude and Moral Support by parents are the best solutions to help your child or teen overcome the bedwetting problem that can help them understand that the condition is treatable and it is not an abnormality. With this understanding, they will more readily accept the natural remedies & solutions that you may opt to use to help them through the condition.

Besides natural remedies & solutions for bedwetting, bedwetting alarms are the other best option to stop bedwetting completely. These bedwetting alarms are designed to signal when the first drop of urine hits an undergarment, alerting the bedwetter to response and slowly they get up even before they start urinating.

Get best bedwetting alarms from our store to effectively treat bedwetting.

Before trying different remedies, consult your doctor to find the right treatment for your child and let them help monitor the progress of the treatment.

Original article – Natural Remedies & Solutions for Bedwetting


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