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Bed Wetting in Teens

Talking about bladder issues is never easy for anyone no matter what the age. Bed wetting is even a bigger challenge for teens who are often worried of being ridiculed or teased by their peers. Most teens simply don’t want to talk openly to their parents or physicians about the emotional and social challenges that come with bed wetting.

Why does an otherwise perfectly healthy teenager wet the bed?

There could be several reasons–small bladder, lack of ADHD (antiduretic hormone) the hormone that controls the amount of urine being produced or the teen may be constipated or has a unitary tract infection (UTIs). In many cases bed wetting might simply be hereditary, that is it runs in the family or it could be lifestyle choice that the teen is accustomed to such as consuming caffeinated drinks in large quantities.

Dealing with a teen bed wetting is challenging and often stressful for parents. However, here are few tips that can help you and your teenager handle bedwetting better.

  • Follow a daily routine with your bed wetting teen. Have him or her use the restroom and empty the bladder before going to bed.
  • Some studies suggest that caffeinated drinks such as cola, tea or coffee are potential source of bed wetting. So, limiting caffeinated drinks, particularly before bed time might be helpful.
  • Use a bed wetting alarm as they are a safe and effective treatment options that have much lesser relapse rate when compared to medicines. You could also use medication after consulting with your child’s pediatrician for special occasions such as sleepovers and camps.
  • Ensure your teen is not constipated, a key reason for bed wetting. Encourage your teenager to have enough fiber rich diet and liquids throughout the day to avoid being constipated.
  • Encourage your bed wetting teen to continue treatment even if he or she faces setbacks. If you or your partner had bed wetting problem share it with your child as it might motivate your child to continue trying to achieve dryness.
  • Many bed wetting teens find the positive imagery technique helpful. Basically, the bedwetter imagines being dry before going. So, have your teenager try this technique to overcome bed-wetting.

Original article – Bed Wetting in Teens


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